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Cassava Flour 1KG

Cassava Flour 1KG


Cassava is Africa’s most versatile staple. In Africa, a wide variety of cassava-based dishes are consumed. Even the waste gotten from cassava processing can be recycled into animal feed, glue, and ingredients for pharmaceuticals.

Cassava is a woody shrub that is mainly cultivated for its edible starchy root. A native to South America, cassava was introduced to Africa in the 16th Century by Portuguese traders. Since then cassava has grown to become a staple food for most African countries.

Apart from its versatility, cassava is relatively easy to grow. It thrives on poor soils with low rainfall. It is also a perennial crop with a wide harvesting window. Its non-seasonal nature makes it a resourceful crop to cultivate. Currently, Nigeria remains the largest producer of cassava.

So what makes cassava versatile? The reason is obvious. Unlike other staple foods, there are lots of cassava-based dishes eaten in Africa.

Tropical Sun Cassava flour is made from freshly harvested Cassava tubers(roots). The fresh roots are then washed, peeled, grated, and blended into a paste-like consistency where it is then filtered, dried, and sifted into flour.

Our Cassava flour (a.k.a. Elubo or Kokonte) is all-natural with NO additives, or chemicals used throughout the production process.

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Ingredients: Cassava Flour (100%)

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