About Us

Welcome to EthnicMixx, your premier online destination where the vibrant flavours of Asia, Africa, and beyond are just a click away. We are not just a grocery store; we are a bridge to the world's cultures, offering an array of authentic ingredients that turn your kitchen into a global culinary adventure.


Our Story

Born from a love for diverse cuisines and the joy of sharing them, EthnicMixx was established 8 years with a mission to bring the world closer to your doorstep. We understand the struggle of finding genuine ingredients for your favourite international dishes. That is why we have dedicated ourselves to sourcing the freshest, most authentic products from various continents – making us a favourite among Asian, African, Thai, and Filipino communities and all who cherish culinary diversity.

Our Products

From the aromatic spices of Thailand to the robust flavours of Africa, the subtle nuances of Filipino cuisine, and the diverse offerings of the Asian continent, our carefully curated selection is a testament to quality and authenticity. Whether you are looking for fresh produce, halal meats, exotic spices, or gluten-free options, EthnicMixx is your trusted online grocery store.

Commitment to Quality

At EthnicMixx, quality is not just a promise; it is our practice. We partner with trusted suppliers and prioritise sustainable, organic options wherever possible. Our stringent quality checks ensure that every product on your doorstep meets our high standards.

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Community and Culture

We believe food is a celebration of culture and community. EthnicMixx is more than a marketplace; it is a vibrant community of food lovers, home chefs, and culinary explorers. Join us for cooking tips, recipes, and stories that bring people together.

Why Choose Us

  • Diverse Range: Explore our vast selection of products from various cultures.
  • Quality Guaranteed: We offer only the best, ensuring every meal is a delight.
  • Convenient Shopping: Easy, secure online ordering with fast delivery.
  • Passionate Service: We are food enthusiasts who love helping you discover new flavours.

Our Vision for the Future

EthnicMixx is committed to expanding our offerings and services, continually enhancing your online shopping experience. We are excited about the future, bringing even more cultures and tastes to your table.

Join Our Journey

Thank you for choosing EthnicMixx. Whether you are cooking a familiar comfort dish or experimenting with new recipes, we are here to provide the ingredients that make your meal special. Explore, enjoy, and be part of our community that celebrates the world’s diverse culinary heritage.

Sustainable Sourcing Policy

We will only procure products from suppliers who can demonstrate the same ethos on the following commitments

- Respect the rights of all workers.
- Protect animal health and welfare.
- Anti-slavery.
- Protect the environment.
- Support the local economy and communities.
- Work against deforestation in a responsible manner.
- Uphold the rights of traditional and indigenous communities.

These are important to us as

- it ensures that our products are produced in a socially, environmentally and economically responsible manner throughout the supply chain to our customers door.
- it means a sustainable and reliable food chain beneficial to everyone involved.

Our ambition is to

- Work more closely with local communities on improved farming practices.
- Find and help develop greener parcel distribution alternatives within the UK.
- Work with our suppliers to eliminate plastic usage on product packaging.

Some context

We are a small operation and at this stage of our journey our approach is to only use suppliers with a similar ethos. As we grow in size and buying power, we will be more far reaching in not only improving farming practices but accelerating our ambitions and further improving the lives of farmers.