Earn Reward Points

Earn Reward Points

How it works?

You can earn points for every transaction you make via EthnicMixx.com

One reward point is worth 0.5p, meaning if you earn 1 point from a purchase it is the equivalent of 0.5% cashback.

100 points are therefore 50p, 200 points £1.

Noteworthy information:

  • The maximum points that can be redeemed per order is £8/€8.
  • Points cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or coupons.
  • Where orders are cancelled or refunded you will lose the associate points.

If you have any questions regarding how to earn or redeem points, please email us at customer@ethnicmixx.com or use the form on our Contact us page.

Other ways to earn reward points

You can also earn points through the following methods:

New customer signed up to EthnicMixx.com

  • When you create a user account on EthnicMixx.com, 50 points is automatically added to your account to welcome you into the EthnicMixx community.

Online reviews

  • We always appreciate hearing your feedback about our service as this enables us to improve. As a thank you for your time you will be given 50 points for any feedback given. To get your points, sent a link of the feedback to customer@ethnicmixx.com

To redeem your points during purchase, you need to Apply Discount during your checkout journey.