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Beef Nilaga is a type of beef stew cooked with carrots, potatoes and plantain.

Kare-Kare is a hearty Filipino dish made with lots of vegetable, beef tripe, oxtail and a thick savory peanut sauce.

Nigerian roast corn is a BBQ styled grilled corn with side African pear.

Beef Afritada is a Filipino stew made of potatoes, carrots and bell peppers cooked in fresh tomato sauce.

Tasty bread rolls suitable for any breakfast table.

Sinanglay na Tilapia stuffed with onions and tomatoes, wrapped in pechay leaves, and cooked in coconut milk.

Eggless Nigerian Pancakes are egg-free, light and fluffy pancakes.

Nigerian meat pie is a pie with a filling of meat and often other savory ingredients.

A quick an easy noodle snack, highly popular with students.

Ube Halaya is a dessert made from boiled and grated purple yam.

Fried Wonton are served with a meat filling, (usually pork), and eaten with duck sauce, plum sauce, sweet and sour sauce, or hot mustard.

A West African street food that’s easy to make with different variations. Often eaten as a snack or appetiser. Tasty!

Tinola is a soup-based dish served as an appetizer or main. The dish is cooked with chicken, wedges of green papaya, and leaves of the siling labuyo chili pepper in broth flavored with ginger, onions and fish sauce.

Nigerian pepper soup is simply meat in a spiced broth with Nigerian spices.

Red Red is Ghana’s favourite black-eyed beans sauce.

Kelewele is a Ghanaian spicy fried ripe plantain that is seasoned with spices.

Nigerian spicy fried rice is eaten with plantain and grilled beef, chicken or fish.

An easy to prepare everyday Filipino main meal.

A Nigerian favourite that can be had as breakfast with toast bread or dinner with yam.

Silken-Soft Tofu is a quick meal student favourite made from Tofu.

Soy Sauce Chicken is a quintessential Malaysian favourite.

A simple filipino noodle dish usually served for merienda.

Fish Sabaw is a fish and vegetable soup.

Lugaw is a type of rice porridge which is a Filipino favourite often used to nurse a sick person back to health.

Spicy chicken noodle soup with coconut.

Amala is a Nigerian cuisine made out of yam flour and usually eaten with Egusi, Ogbolo or any Nigerian soup.

Okro (a.k.a Okra) soup is a delicious Nigerian drawn soup made from lady finger vegetable.

Ogbono Soup is a popular Nigerian drawn soup made with Ogbono seeds (wild african bush mango seeds).

Egusi soup is a popular Nigerian soup made with melon seeds from a certain cucurbitaceous plant. To be eaten with an accompaniments such as pounded yam.

Yam Pottage is a Yam and Tomato stew infused dish.

Moi-Moi is a savory dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast or lunch.

Jollof rice is a one-pot rice dish popular in many West African countries.

Akara is made from peeled beans formed into a ball and then deep-fried. Great breakfast snack.

Bean Pottage is a simple one pot protein rich meal.

Kaldereta is a tasty vegetable dish made-up of different fresh vegetables, pork, and shrimp paste.

Pinakbet is a tasty vegetable dish made-up of different fresh vegetables, pork, and shrimp paste.

Cassava cake is made from grated cassava, sugar, coconut milk.

Sinigang is a sour soup native to the Philippines. This soup dish recipe uses pork as the main ingredient though beef, fish, or chicken can be used.

Pork Adobo is pork cooked in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic; considered by many as the Philippine’s national dish because of its popularity, ease in preparation, and long storage life.

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